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El cielo llora por mí

Ramírez, Sergio

El cielo llora por mí

Year: 2008
Editorial: Alfaguara
Language: Español, Catalán
Published at: Edition 8 (Switzerland, German language), Editions Métailié (France)
Synopsis: Murder and drug trafficking, police and cartels. No one is innocent.

Inspector, Dolores Morales and the Deputy Inspector Bert Dixon, the Narcotics Department of the Nicaraguan Police, and ex-guerrillas, investigate a woman's disappearance. The only clues are an abandoned yacht in the coast of Laguna Perlas, suspected of carrying drugs, a burnt book and bloodied t-shirt (afterward a suitcase with a hundred thousand dollars and wedding gown will surface). The detectives create an unusual spying ring in which the DEA and Mrs. Sofia, a menial worker of the police, play an equally important role. Things get hot when a series of murders take place including the main witness's death. Managua, chaotic and scorching, is the working background of these two policemen who take on with humour and courage, the powerful cartels of Cali and Sinaloa.

This detective story, narrated with tension and irony, and where surprise jumps at us from each page, the power of good sometimes turns out to be the power of evil. Sergio Ramirez explores the prerequisites of those powers, where life runs impetuously.

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