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El largo sueño de Laura Cohen

De Vega, Mercedes

Year: 2020
Editorial: Plaza & Janés
Literary Category: contemporary fiction
ISBN: 9788401024078
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 448

A frenetic psychological thriller that turns out to be an incisive reflection on identity, revenge and family secrets.A few days after losing her husband in a traffic accident, Laura Cohen, a Spanish psychiatrist based in Montreal, takes on as a patient a man traumatized by his past. When he disappears without a trace after their third ses-sion, Laura will begin to look for him, attracted by an un-expected connection between the man and her deceased husband.This investigation will plunge her in a dangerous network of conspiracies, kidnappings, hidden experiments and torture that date back to World War II and the Holocaust, and will lead her to question her origins, her marriage and her life till that moment in time.Mercedes de Vega changes her register with her most ambitious work to date: backed by an excellently crafted prose and an accurate portrayal of the characters, she weaves a plot of intrigue perfectly concocted, full of sur-prising twists and revelations, which does not slow down its addictive rhythm for a second.

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