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Year: 2020
Editorial: Ediciones B
Language: English
ISBN: 978-1634243209
Pages: 320

It is no secret that today's civilization is going through a crisis of unimaginable proportions, and that in geopolitical and economic terms nothing will be what it was. The coronavirus pandemic has only come to accelerate this process that has been going on behind the scenes for years. But where is the world headed?
Daniel Estulin, through this excellent research, shows us what global elites have conspired and planned from the shadows to impose the new world order. Clashes are inevitable and each of these players aims to improve their position. What will result from the confrontation between the United States and China? What plans do the Islamic world and Russia have to return to being dominant players? Are the new alternative elites seeking to break with the hegemony of the Financial International? What scenarios await Latin America? Anyone wishing to understand the profound implications of the times we are going through must urgently read this book to take advantage of the geopolitical earthquake to come.

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