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Year: 2021
Editorial: Destino
Literary Category: contemporary fiction
ISBN: 978-8423359165
Pages: 416

A thriller about the trail left by family related emotional wounds.

Who is Diego Martín? He doesn't know himself. A family man, a husband, a respectable university professor. One of the children of the immigration from rural Spain to industrial Spain in the sixties. Someone who has forged his own destiny, renouncing his origins, his roots. And at the same time someone incapable of freeing himself from that past, from the shadow of his father, from the ancestral confrontation between the Patriot family and his own. A man who is becoming what he hates the most. The trigger is Martin Pearce, a seductive nurse that cares of his sister, Liria, who has been hospitalized in a psychiatric center for years. Martin, who at first seems like a sensitive, refined boy captivated by beauty, hides another face that Diego will discover in the worst possible manner. What is it that Martin Pearce do to unleash an unknown Diego? Why do we need the truth about ourselves if we can hide in lies?

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