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La dona de la seva vida

Bosch, Xavier

Year: 2021
Editorial: Columna
Literary Category: contemporary fiction
Language: Català
ISBN: 9788466427609
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 516

A fast-paced journalistic thriller about the theft of newborn babies in the 1970s.

Joel, a journalist, has just lost his mother, Maria Vilalta, and attends the funeral along with his brothers Ray and Victoria. Saul Estrada, the father, sitting in the pew of the church where the emotional ceremony to bid farewell to his wife is being held, is petrified, as if all the happy moments that he has accumulated throughout his entire existence were being torn from him, one by one. “The woman in his Life” is the phrase Joel used in the newspaper's obituary, and that is exactly what Maria meant to him.

Through this story we will discover the love relationship of Joel's parents and we will enter a hair-raising journalistic intrigue: the theft of newborns in the Barcelona of the seventies.

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