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El niņo de fuego

Costas, Ledicia

El niņo de fuego

Year: 2022
Editorial: Anaya (Espaņol), Xerais (Gallego)
Literary Category: children & ya
ISBN: 978-84-143-1743-3
Format: Paperback with flaps
Pages: 168
Synopsis: Morgan is a peculiar child. As a baby he was found in a basket in front of Mrs. Culpepper’s house, along with a note that read: “Take me beyond the mist. Find the house of the three sisters and tell them that I am the Fire Boy.”

On his right shoulder Lu-minaria is perennially perched, a tiny flame only he can see and with whom he can talk.One morning, the city awakens covered by a dense fog that does not dissipate. With no trace of the sun, Luminaria gradua-lly extinguishes itself. Mrs. Culpepper remembers the note that came with Morgan, and the boy readies for a journey beyond the fog. Only if they can find the house of the three sisters will Luminaria survive.

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