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Catalina y Catalina

Ramírez, Sergio

Catalina y Catalina

Year: 2001
Editorial: Alfaguara
Language: Español, Catalán
Published at: Edition 8 (Switzerland, German language)
Synopsis: In this collection of stories there are baseball apparitions, a human chase, unfaithful men and women, a urinary enigma, and an operatic visit to the Mayan myths…; there are characters whose feelings oscillate between resignation and struggle, love and hate; there is, above all, search: affection, of identity, of a destiny.

“Catalina y Catalina” offers an affectionate look at existence complex variety and places the reader in small personal worlds, some kind and others extremely cruel.

Sergio Ramírez is a masterful narrator, which has made him one of the best contemporary story-tellers.

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