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La hermandad de las malas hijas

Montfort, Vanessa

La hermandad de las malas hijas

Year: 2023
Editorial: Plaza & Janés
Literary Category: contemporary fiction
Synopsis: Not all women are mothers, but all women are daughters.


What would you tell your mother that you have never told her?

What if there were things you never would have suspected about each other?


Monica trains dogs for Spain's National Police Force, although her wish has always been to become a detective, and she has to deal with a mother who is in constant need of attention.

After the strange death of the neighborhood dog walker, she will be put in charge of the investigation into what happened, re-establishing contact with her group of childhood friends, for she suspects that their mothers are hiding something.

Together they call themselves “The Bad Daughters” because, try as they might, they never seem to be good enough: one acts as her own mother’s mother; another felt abandoned and manipulated by her mother; another needs to listen to hers, for once, so that she feels proud of her...


Will they manage to rebuild their mother-child relationships in the last stage of their lives, which they are about to share?

Will they solve the mystery of the dog walker’s death and discover the importance he had in their mothers’ lives?

All these secrets will be unraveled under the watchful eye of certain other members of the family, Orlando’s dogs, who will have much to say about how we handle human relationships.

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