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El sueño de la crisálida

Montfort, Vanessa

Year: 2019
Editorial: Plaza & Janés
Literary Category: contemporary fiction
Language: Español, Catalán
Pages: 560
Synopsis: “All human beings have at least one opportunity to make a great vital change, our chrysalis, and be reborn into something more authentic, stronger and freer.”

Patricia is a journalist, who after suffering a serious anxiety crisis is forced to rethink her dizzying professional life, which has affected her relationship with her family, friends and partner. She then meets Greta on a plane, a mysterious woman with a secret past. Thanks to Greta's fascinating story, who had to rebel against a society that rejected her, Patricia will discover that in this uncertain world the only thing that can save you is to believe in yourself. With an enthralling and inspiring story that combines passion, intrigue and topicality, The Dream of the Chrysalis is the chronicle of a modern-day woman, of the challenges she faces as a professional, daughter, mother, lover and friend. A true and required portrait of twenty-first century society, which, due to haste, consumerism, digital addictions and self-demand, has turned us into slaves of the here and now, making us forget what is truly important.

After the international success of Women who Buy Flowers, which captivated thousands of readers throughout the world, Vanessa Montfort is back with her highly anticipated new novel, a moving story of friendship between two women whose paths were not destined to cross, but whose encounter and rebellion changed their lives forever.

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