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Piel de cordero

Year: 2024
Editorial: Destino
Literary Category: contemporary fiction
ISBN: 978-84-233-6511-1
Pages: 344
Synopsis: Against the backdrop of the final years of the Inquisition, Catalina, heir to a lineage of witches, grows up in Merlo, where her clinic serves as a sanctuary for the sick. After a harrowing event, she flees, facing a radical shift in her life with one sole mission: to rescue a child. Meanwhile, in the 21st century, Lola finds herself immersed in an existential crisis triggered by her breakup, doubts about motherhood, and the unlocking of forgotten memories pushing her to the brink of collapse.

Separated by centuries, Catalina and Lola's lives intertwine amidst a personal apocalypse. Both rebel against fate in a tale that challenges the boundaries of skepticism and reality.

"Piel de Cordero" is a novel infused with fantasy and magic, narrated with intense and evocative prose showcasing mastery of literary language and the versatility of Costas' pen. With unexpected twists and an immersive narrative, the book defies reader expectations, keeping them on the edge until the very last page.

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