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Year: 2020
Editorial: Planeta
Literary Category: myths, legends and sagas
ISBN: 978-84-08-23320-6
Pages: 352

A ritual crime. A woman desperate to save her son. Manel Loureiro astounds us with a thriller set in the mys-terious and legendary Galicia.

The discovery of a young woman’s body, murdered in an ancient ritual fashion at the foot of the mythical Puerta de Alén, puzzles the detectives. Agent Raquel Colina is a newcomer to that lost corner of Galicia, where she has come to try and save her son, whom medicine can no longer cure. With no other alternative, and plagued by doubts, Raquel has turned to a local medicine woman, who promises to heal the child.

However, the mysterious disappearance of the medicine woman and the discovery of the victim at the Alén Door, make Raquel suspect that both cases may be related. With her partner in the knowing, in a magical and rural environment which she can’t quite figure out and where everyone seems to keep a secret, the agent will begin a desperate countdown to solve the case and thus grab onto the last lifeline that is left to save her son.

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