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El ángel de la ciudad

Year: 2023
Editorial: Planeta
Literary Category: police, black and suspense
ISBN: 978-84-0827-042-3
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 384
Synopsis: In a Venice shrouded in mystery, Inspector Kraken faces the greatest and most complex dilemma of his life: resolving the past or betting on the future.

A splendid and decadent palazzo has gone up in flames on a small Venetian island where a meeting of the League of Antiquarian Booksellers is being held. The bodies of the guests, all known to Kraken, do not appear in the rubble, and it is suspected that his mother, Ithaca, was involved in the fire that happened in identical circumstances decades earlier.

Meanwhile, in Vitoria, Chief of Police Estíbaliz, is investigating a case that may hold the clues to the robbery that ended with Kraken's father's life. But Unai is reluctant to return to active duty and feels that he must choose between finding what happened to his parents or the family he has created with Alba and their daughter Deba.

A walk through a Venice, where the legends and the disturbing figure of the City's Angel, half patron, half demon, pull the strings of a dizzying plot full of love for art and the search for one's own identity.

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