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En el país de Lindabrina y Ratón Perez

Merino, José María

En el país de Lindabrina y Ratón Perez

Year: 2023
Editorial: Siruela
Literary Category: children & ya
Synopsis: When Ana's teeth start to move for the first time, her parents place a little wooden door in the hallway of their house with a mouse drawn on it: it is the door of the tooth fairy, which opens onto a world of wonders that only children like her can enter. It is there that she meets Don Mouse, always busy with his sack full of teeth. And he is not the only extraordinary being there: the fairy Lindabrina, a kindly creature, rules this magical and precious world, made up of children’s drawings, which come to life there.In this world things also get spoiled and damaged, but Ana and her friends fix it very easily with more drawings. And so, again and again, harmony reigns in Lindabrina's coun-try, until some strange and evil beings in-vade the country and the tooth fairy dis-appears...

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