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La virgen y el violín

La virgen y el violín

Year: 2008
Editorial: Siruela
Language: Español, Catalán
Synopsis: The Painter Sofonisba Anguissola (1532-1625) was born in Lombardi (Cremona), the city that saw the appearence of the first Stradivarius.

The Virgin and the Violin recreates the intense life of this artist (lady-in-waiting to the queen, painter in the Court of Filipe II, married by the king to the youngest son of the ex Viceroy of Sicily—supposedly murdered by the pirates—and then out of her own will, with the captain of the fleet that defeated the Palermo) all while we are being presented with the story of an impossible love, the adventures of an African poetess, the intense activity at the musical instrument-makers workshop, its different types of artisans, the worries at the queen’s royal palace, the Sicilian nobility’s fights… And among other sceneries and characters, which range from Michaelangelo to the grandson of Moctezuma, till the birth of a marvelous canvas. This novel is a fresco of the period and one which allows the imagination to happily intertwine with these events.

“A vibrating novel on Anguissola and with all the ingredients—passions, intrigues, love,— to enchant and seduce art lovers.” Estrella de Diego, Art Professor at the Universidad Complutense of Madrid. Babelia (El País), Sept. 6, 2008

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