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La segunda amante del rey

Cueto, Alonso

La segunda amante del rey

Year: 2017
Editorial: Literatura Random House
Literary Category: contemporary fiction
Language: Español, Catalán
ISBN: 9786124271250
Synopsis: Searching for love in a city of certain classes and customs can be a cruel practice. In his habitual erotic exercise, Gustavo hoped to find everything but happiness in a lover. Lali, his wife, can tolerate certain adventures as long as they don’t break the marital routine of a high-society couple. While each of them places the necessary bets to get what they long for, it is inevitable that they will violate the fine line that divides happiness from misfortune, like a reminder that giving into the demands of our personalities is also a way to shape our fate.

Alonso Cueto has written a vibrant novel about desire, under the premise that all emotional searching is also a police narration. In this case, the detective is named Sonia and the interrogations occur in a violent city in which love can be a good sold to the highest bidder, or also a ghost that never stops snooping around in the rooms of the memory.  

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